Why You Should Choose Green Construction

There is nothing saying that you can’t have your dream home while reducing your carbon footprint. Green construction doesn’t mean that you have to live in a house made from used soda bottles or opt for a tiny home.  You can still have a conventional home with all of the comforts that go with it while reducing your carbon footprint.  Let’s look at how and why you should do that.

20 years ago an environmentally friendly home was this weird looking structure that cost a fortune to build.  The demand for green technology and the worry about global warming has driven the change in technology in the construction industry.  If you are building a home then it is easy to add eco-friendly methods and a sustainable home.

Lower Cost Building Materials

Using sustainable materials to build a home may cost a bit more upfront but save you money in the long run.  You can choose building materials that are recycled along with being safe and sustainable.  Here are some examples, bamboo is an example of a sustainable wood that can be used in construction.  You can use reclaimed materials from other building sites such as wood or stone.

Tax Perks

There are several tax perks that you can take advantage of when you use eco-friendly construction.  There are tax incentives at the state, federal and local level that encourage green construction.  Adding solar panels to your roof, for example offers huge tax benefits from all three.  You should talk with both your builder and your accountant to see how you can take advantage of the tax credits while you are building your home.

Lower Energy Costs

This is where green energy pays off in the long run. Green buildings are built to use less energy, less gas, water and electricity overall.  The structures are all built to use less and still have modern conveniences.  Green buildings are well insulated; they take advantage of natural light to keep the home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.  Incorporating solar panels reduces the demand for electricity and keeps the energy bills down throughout the year.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Green construction isn’t just about using sustainable materials it is also about creating a home that is free of toxic chemical that can harm your family.  As you build your home you and your builder will opt for materials that are made from strawboard, linseed oil, wheat and natural linoleum.  The insulation also needs to be free of toxins, you can actually buy insulation that is made from soybeans rather than fiberglass.  Combined with green materials is a state of the art ventilation system that has filters to keep pollutants out of your home while still bringing in fresh air.

The purpose of green construction is to build a durable, long-lasting home that is safe for your family to live in.  It is built to reduce your carbon footprint not just during construction but throughout the lifetime of your home.  Green homes hold more value than a traditional home and make a great a investment in the long run.