Easy Landscaping for the Busy Homeowner

Good landscaping goes a long way in giving visitors a great first impression of your home. Good landscaping doesn’t have to be high maintenance, let us tell you about easy landscaping for the busy homeowner.  Landscape designers understand how much work goes into make the outside of your home look beautiful and now they have some incredible designs that will always look great with minimal effort on your part.

Add a Deck and Outdoor Kitchen

Adding a deck and increasing the amount of living space that you have in your backyard is a great idea.  By adding a deck or extending a concrete living space actually means you have less grass to mow and fewer flower beds to maintain.  You can create a beautiful seating area along with space for a grill and a fire pit to enjoy roasted marshmallows on a warm summer night.  Have a big outdoor living space gives you a place to entertain guests while enjoying your property at the same time.

Use Mulch Strategically

Instead of putting beds of flowers around the patio in the back yard, you can use beds of mulch instead.  It is cheap, extremely low maintenance, it looks great and you don’t have to deal with weeds or looking after flowers.  You never have to worry about mowing it once a week and it doesn’t require any water at all. You will have to add to it or replace it in the spring each year but that really is less expensive.  If you get cedar or another fragrant mulch, you get low maintenance and a great scent at the same time.

Add Big Flower Pots

If you want the beauty of flowers without the work that goes into them then get yourself flower pots and add them around the outside of your home.  Pots are easy to maintain and you can use a variety of flowers that thrive in different types of soil.  You can place them wherever you like and if that arrangement doesn’t appeal then you can just move them.  Potted flowers rarely get weeds, you just have to water them every once in a while and you’ll be fine.

Try a Rock Garden

There are a couple of ways that you can incorporate rocks into your garden.  You can use stone to create pathways and walkways around the property.  You can use crushed stones in and around your flower beds, white stones look beautiful among your flowers.  Crushed stone never needs to be replaced or maintained, it is cheap and you can pick it up at any garden store.

A rock garden doesn’t have to be boring, you can add different color stones such as grey, orange and browns.  Natural stone can look and feel great on your feet as you walk around your garden.  You can create a Zen-like feel and a wonderful relaxing space.

You can have beautiful landscaping without having to spend everyday watering, mowing and pulling weeds.  You can work with a local landscape company to create the garden for you and you can reap the benefits.