Never Do Renovations Without a Permit

Home renovations are costly and time consuming and if you have been thinking about skipping the whole permit process to save you time and money, you should think again.  Never do renovations without a permit.  Permits are expensive and getting them can delay your completion date but not getting your proper permits can cost you far more in the end.  You may even have friends who did work on their home without ever getting a permit and you think to yourself “what’s the harm” or you may not even realize that you need a permit for the work you want to do.  Nonetheless permits are almost always required and there actually pretty good reasons to get them.  Don’t forget that a renovation without getting the proper permits is actually illegal.

Getting Caught

Let’s say for argument’s sake you’re in the middle of a renovation that you didn’t secure permits for and the building inspector shows up.  Not only does he have the power to stop all work on your project but that is not the only thing they have the power to do.  Let’s start with the heavy fine that he can impose on you, the homeowner.  In some cases they also have the power to tell you to undo all the work you have done until the proper permits are in place, so if you have built a shed on your property for example they can tell you to tear it down.  Even minor renovations can require a permit, check for a permit if you are doing anything with the plumbing or electrical, building decks or patios or anything else for that matter.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Building Codes

One of the reasons that you are required to have a permit is to make sure that your property meets existing building codes.  Building codes are there to make sure that your home is safe and structurally sound.  If you are working with a contractor and they tell you to “don’t worry about a permit” you need to find a new contractor.  Chances are pretty good they aren’t reliable and their work probably won’t stand up to inspection, it is also likely that they don’t have the proper licenses or insurance either.  If you manage to get your project completed without a permit and you go to sell your house in the future you may face problems that could hold up the sale or affect the price.

It’s Worth the Hassle

Yes, getting the proper permit can be a hassle but the system is there to protect you. You will have to present your building plans while you apply for the permits and you will have to have an inspector come out during the project to ensure you’re following building codes. Permits protect you from shady contractors, subpar work and it makes sure your home is safe and structurally sound.  Don’t treat permits as a hassle but rather think of them as an investment in your family’s safety.





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